RFK Jr. Ate A Dog. Or A Goat.

A photo of Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. about to sink his crooked teeth into a barbecued dog next to some bitch has been recently unearthed.

It was actually a goat, he said – but who the fuck eats goats?

The awful Vanity Fair reports:

Last year Robert Kennedy Jr. texted a photograph to a friend. In the photo RFK Jr. was posing, alongside an unidentified woman, with the barbecued remains of what he suggested to the friend was a dog. Kennedy told the person, who was traveling to Asia, that he might enjoy a restaurant in Korea that served dog on the menu, suggesting Kennedy had sampled dog. The photo was taken in 2010, according to the digital file’s metadata—the same year he was diagnosed with a dead tapeworm in his brain.

Dog or no dog, at least RFK Jr. has a dead tapeworm in his nonthinking brain and zero chances of becoming President.

Fuck this guy.

And fuck every other Kennedy too.

This pernicious bloodline should have been eradicated a long time ago through CIA assassinations or beatings with baseball bats à la Nicky Santoro in Casino, which is impossible now since these depraved scumbags are breeding like rabbits on coke.

There are 60,000 Kennedys on this planet and they’re doubling in size each year.

Fuck them all!


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