R.I.P. Ebrahim Raisi

Sad news, folks.

The President of the Glorious Nation of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, a.k.a. The Butcher of Tehran, has died in a mysterious helicopter crash in the mountains.

R.I.P., my nigga.

Who did it?


Sure, a plethora of things could have caused the helicopter crash: bad weather, bad pilot, birds, Chinese parts, Allah, you name it – but it doesn’t matter. Israel has already been convicted of the crime in the eyes of the Muslim world, and, hopefully, we’ll get to see some revenge.

It’s not like Israel didn’t fuck with Iran before.

Countless Mossad assassinations, bombings; sabotage, cyber warfare – what are the odds of Jews killing the president of their most hostile nation and emphatically denying everything? They have been doing shit like this ever since Israel became a state on stolen land in 1948.   

Plus, time and again they have been exposed as psycho liars.

So yeah: Israel.


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