R.I.P. Kagney

Famous pornstar Kagney Linn Karter took her own life at 36 after reportedly struggling with mental health for years.

It’s a sad story… and for me so surreal.

I used to beat off to her in high school repeatedly, as I had a thing for sluts with fake tits and pierced clits. Now she’s gone and I feel like I lost an ambivalent girlfriend who I barely remember, a girlfriend who I didn’t care much about.

Maybe she felt that people didn’t really care about her. But then again, can you really care about a woman who gets creampied on camera? It’s tremendously difficult. Plus, as the great Lucian of Samosata once famously said, “Pornstars can never find true love.”

Maybe he’s right.

Who knows.

Regrettably, after hearing about Kangney’s untimely passing, I rubbed one out watching her debutante snatch plowed by a giant black cock… reminiscing about the good old days.

It was the saddest cum of my life.

Rest in peace baby.


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