Russell Brand: Guilty As Fuck

I was befuddled when YouTube recommended that I watch a Russell Brand stream yesterday. Why the fuck would they promote it? I don’t watch his content; I’m not subscribed to his dumb channel. The algorithm must have fucked up again!

The conspiracy theorist in me, however, was telling me that something big was about to happen. Russell Brand was going to clear his name by producing irrefutable proof that he consentingly fucked those bitches and the failing mainstream media shall burn once again.

So I watched the “ARE WE BEING SILENCED!? The Battle For Free Speech! Plus, Jimmy Dore – Stay Free #209” stream live – on Rumble, of course – exuberantly waiting for a revelation.

But there was no such thing.

Russell Brand did not address his sexual assault allegations. Instead, he defiantly stuck to his usual horseshit, rambling about censorship, authoritarianism, Big Pharma, Ukraine, the government and the media. Then Jimmy Dore tuned in mid-stream and delivered an uncompromising, coke-fueled speech about censorship, authoritarianism, Big Pharma, Ukraine, the government and the media.

OK, fine – but what about those allegations?

The sexual assault?

The predatory behavior?

That rape?

Mere hours since the Met Police opened an investigation into him this fucking scumbag is spewing conspiracies and begging his stupid fans for money.


When you’re accused of something, it’s not enough to simply deny the accusation. You have to exculpate yourself with evidence – weak, strong, you have to come up with something.

Russell Brand has not produced any evidence yet because, let’s face it, he has none; if he had any, he would have presented it by now.

This tells me that he’s guilty as fuck.

And dare I make a prediction: sooner or later Russell Brand will be charged and found guilty in a court of law. I’m certain. The evidence against him is too damn compelling.


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