So You Found Your Way To Gaiar Alata

So you found your way to Gaiar Alata, at last. Gaiar Alata is the Master’s name for this place. At the top of that mountain behind you lies the Terrace Of Dawn, which leads up to Mankar Camoran’s Palace, where the greatest orgies in all of Cyrodiil take place. We call it the Whore Palace.

I’m on my way there right now. You can come with me if you want. We’ll fuck some whores together, my treat. Or, we can fuck some male-whores together, if that’s your thing, also my treat.

Myself, I go both ways. I don’t really care after all these years whoring in Gaiar Alata, to tell you the truth. A hole is a hole. It just has to be warm enough.

What say you, friend? Will you come with me?

Come! Don’t be shy. We’ll have some fun together – you and me.

If you want, I can pleasure you myself. I can pleasure you right now if you don’t want to come with me. I’m very skilled, especially with my mouth. I have an enormous tongue that waggles like a splintered ogre. Every morning I dip it in a jar of Fellmoor Swamp Wine from the Shivering Isles. It keeps it mushy and warm all day.

You will not regret it. You will beg for more.

May I suck your cock to prove it?



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