All men tremble at punishment, all men fear death; remember that you are like unto them, and do not kill, nor cause slaughter.


Hidden Happiness

Happiness is rarely visible to the multitude, says a shrewd observer; it lies hidden in odd corners and quiet places.



A man should hasten towards the good, and should keep his thought away from evil; if a man does what is good slothfully, his mind delights in evil.


Poisoning The Child Mind

One of the recent discoveries in the art of healing is the therapeutic value of suggestion. That is to say, the physician, by suggesting to the patient, particularly the patient suffering from nervous disorder, sane and helpful thoughts about himself, can work a cure better oftentimes than by the use of drugs.


The Pressure

Always the pressure is on us.

Like a low ceiling, it makes us forever stoop, often crawl, sometimes grovel.