The Part Of Me That Doubts

Whatever a man’s creed, there’s a good deal of him that does not believe it. Whatever a man’s crime, there was some of him that protested. Whatever a man’s goodness, it is flecked on the underside with ugly spots. Let us deal reverently with one another, and with awe; we are all so complex. It should not be so hard to believe in God, for man himself is scarcely less wonderful.



One evening, when the court was assembled to hear Nero recite some of his poetry, a slave appeared.


Christian Mystery: A Chinese Tale Found In The Portfolio Of A Portuguese Friar

Commercial affaire had engaged me to make a sea voyage. I had got far from the shores of my native country, when a dreadful tempest threw me on an unknown coast; however, I fell into the hands of a very humane people, and soon found they had brought the arts to great perfection, that they practised many virtues, and appeared to me in a state as enlightened as humanity could attain.