Woman In Savage Life

Man, in a state of barbarity, equally cruel and indolent, active by necessity, but naturally inclined to repose, is acquainted with little more than the physical effects of love; and having none of those moral ideas which only can soften the empire of force, he is led to consider it as his supreme law, subjecting to his despotism those whom reason had made his equals, but whose imbecility betrayed them to his strength.


Modern Egyptian Women

The women of modern Egypt are far from being on so respectable a footing as they were in ancient times, or as the European women are at present.


The Position Of Women

It is, perhaps, tolerably safe to say that the position of women among the Chinese is very generally misunderstood.


The Ideal Woman

The ideal woman is lovable. She may not be beautiful of face, but she has charm.

She is attractive to men, not repellent.