The Academy Apologizes To Sacheen Littlefeather 49 Years Later

Remember Sacheen Littlefeather, the half-Indian girl who appeared on stage at the 1973 Academy Awards instead of Marlon Brando because he refused to accept the best actor award?

She’s old and fat now, and she’s in the news again because the Academy issued a formal apology to her, nearly half a century later:

As you stood on the Oscars stage in 1973 to not accept the Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando, in recognition of the misrepresentation and mistreatment of Native American people by the film industry, you made a powerful statement that continues to remind us of the necessity of respect and the importance of human dignity.

The abuse you endured because of this statement was unwarranted and unjustified. The emotional burden you have lived through and the cost to your own career in our industry are irreparable. For too long the courage you showed has been unacknowledged. For this, we offer both our deepest apologies and our sincere admiration.

At the 1973 Oscars, she was heckled and booed and John Wayne reportedly had to be restrained from rushing the stage to punch this bitch in the face – which would have been the greatest thing ever.

Here’s the clip:

When I first saw this clip, I was very angry.

I had no idea that Hollywood mistreated Indians in movies.

How dare they mistreat the savages!

I’m so grateful that Sacheen Littlefeather, whose real name is Marie Louise Cruz, brought this issue to my attention when I first saw this clip in, like, 2016, maybe.

Still, I was angry when I saw it so I protested on Twitter with a hashtag.

Sacheen protested too, for many years.

And after reading the apology, she cried for several minutes; and then went into the forest where she skinned a wild boar and danced naked around a fire in an attempt to invoke rain.

It didn’t rain. But Sacheen was happy nonetheless. 



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