The Bards Will Be Busy Composing Songs In Your Honor

The bards will be busy composing songs in your honor for years to come. To think that we have lived through such times. I salute you, Hero of Kvatch. You have saved Cyrodiil.

Please, can you spare a coin? I have not eaten in days. My wife kicked me out of the house after I messed with her sister 3 years ago at the Festival of Forbearance… and I have been living on the streets ever since. She spread some nasty rumors about me in revenge. I became addicted to Moonsugar. I did… I did some awful things to obtain it… I am so ashamed. Please, can you spare a coin? I am so hungry…

Or, perhaps, the Hero of Kvatch would like to be pleasured in exchange for coin? We can go behind that tree, nobody will see us. I am clean. I have just finished bathing in the river. Smell my fur – please. 


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