The Infamous Beatles N-Word Bit

Two years ago, I learned about the existence of the so-called “Beatles nigger bit”, performed spontaneously by Artie Lange and Gilbert Gottfried on Opie’s radio show. As a big fan of both of those guys, I immediately went on YouTube to find it but nothing came up when I searched for it. I couldn’t find the bit even through google or other websites (anything containing “n-word” or “nigger” is almost impossible to find).

Some guy on a forum said that he uploaded a video version to YouTube multiple times but it was always taken down. He also said that the bit was hilarious and he refused to bleep it out.

I became even more intrigued.

But I couldn’t find the damn thing anywhere and after a while I simply forgot about it.

Until today.

About an hour ago – out of the fucking blue – the elusive Beatles nigger bit appeared in my YouTube recommendations.

I died and went to heaven.

It’s even more hilarious than I imagined it.

Judge for yourself:

I won’t lie, I pissed my pants at “Let it be, nigger” – I literally pissed my pants, that’s how hard I was laughing. I was a few beers deep though, which obviously helped a lot.

Opie’s line, “While my nigger gently weeps”, is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard him say on the radio and I laughed like a maniac at that too.

I thank him for having Artie and Gilbert on and letting them riff away to produce great comedy. If only his co-host Anthony Cumia had been a part of this… imagine the greatness.



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