The Los Angeles Times Is Dying

Great news everybody: the mainstream media is still burning and nothing can quench the flames.

CNN, NPR, Vice, Vox Media, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Entertainment Tonight, Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, Condé Nast, The Washington Post, The Hollywood Reporter and many more have been gutted by layoffs in recent months.  

Jezebel is dead; so is Gawker, yet again.

Hopefully they will all suffer the same fate.

And now, the Los Angeles Times announced that over 20% of its newsroom will be laid off – at least 115 employees.

They eliminated 74 positions just last summer because they were losing money faster than a retard at a titty bar, so my bet is on them biting the dust next.

Check out these jobless dirtbags bitching on X:

I’ve been laid off from my job as a columnist for the LA Times today, with 100 of my best colleagues. It’s a dark day. I was the only Latina columnist for the opinion desk. Trump is looming & I’m author of Hatemonger. If you’re hiring, I’m at


I’m devastated. It was always a dream to make it to the hometown paper. It was an honor while it lasted.


Well, unfortunately I’m among those who were laid off by LAT today, among many other brilliant and dedicated colleagues both inside and outside our union. If you’re looking for a tech reporter with experience on the AI or social media beats, I’m at


The LA Times laid us off in an HR zoom webinar with chat disabled, no q&a, no chance to ask questions.


Learn to code you fucking parasites!

You didn’t think a newspaper that publishes “Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes – but may necessary” would succeed, did you?

Fuck journalism.

And get this: members of Congress immediately warned in a letter that these layoffs could undermine democracy because 2024 is an election year and…


I hope they do.

Fuck democracy.

Trump 47 motherfuckers!


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