The Mayor Of Boston Is Not An Anti-White Racist

The scumbag mayor of Boston Michelle Wu thought it would be a good idea to organize a secret no-white-people-allowed holiday party.

Fortunately, her director of city council relations Denise DosSantos is a fucking moron, so instead of emailing the invitations only to the coloreds, she emailed them to everyone.

Honorable Members:

On behalf of Mayor Michelle Wu, I cordially invite you and a guest to the Electeds of Color Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 13th at 5:30pm at the Parkman House, 33 Beacon Street.

So much for the secret party.

Anyway, conservatives are having a field day with this story and many of them are now claiming that the Mayor of Boston is an anti-white racist.


This bitch is no such thing.

Her husband of 11 years is an out-of-shape white guy who looks like a child molester – the epitome of whiteness.

So for 11 years Michelle Wu has been consentingly spreading her hairy Asian legs to low-grade white cock.

I rest my case.


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