The Portal

The moment the Joe Rogan Experience #2171 featuring Eric Weinstein and Terrence Howard concluded, a portal materialized in my room and I was sucked into the Plane Of Inconsequence, where I was imprisoned for eons, mere seconds on planet Earth.

Oh, the things I’ve seen!

Before setting me free, the man without a face asked me if I knew the reason for my punishment.

— Is it because that one time I spent 4 hours watching a genius and a retard discussing mind-blowing scientific concepts high as fuck on mushrooms? I asked, visibly shaken.

— Correct, said the man without a face; and he snapped his fingers.

Then another portal materialized and I was transported back to my room – back to this reality – and I swore on my children’s lives that I would never watch Joe Rogan’s podcast high again.


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