The Ugliest Juliet Ever

Over 800 dirtbags have signed an open letter condemning the racial abuse against Francesca Amewudah-Rivers, a nobody who was bafflingly cast as Juliet in a West End production of Romeo And Juliet, to no avail.

Why the racial abuse?

Why not?

It’s fucking warranted.

Shakespeare’s Juliet is white and beautiful; this bitch is black and ugly and fat. She looks like she should be selling pussy on a corner in Compton. Ugh. I hate that face.

So much so that I made my voice heard on social media; I couldn’t stay out of it. I hurled a few strategic N-bombs, yes. I’m not ashamed.

Because at some point you just have to resort to racism in order to send a clear message: don’t fuck with the masterpieces of dead white men.

Tom Holland plays Romeo by the way. The Spider-Man guy. I hate him too.

Can you imagine these assholes uttering anything romantic?

— O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

— Shut up, whore!

Or stupid reciting:

See how she leans her cheek
upon her hand, O that I were a
glove upon that hand that I
might touch that cheek!


When Mr. and Mrs. Creep share a kiss on stage, I hope the theater gets hit by a 787, and everyone dies in a cleansing fire.


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