Valentine’s Day 2024

I woke up empty inside.

I went to work, pretended to work, got mad, got bored, browsed 4chan, browsed Pornhub, and fell asleep in my cubicle during the lunch break.

Everybody hates me. I don’t care anymore. I don’t think that I ever did.

A colleague told me that it was Valentine’s Day and asked me if I have a girlfriend. I laughed in his face. Not in this day and age I don’t, loser.

When I arrived home the first thing I did was boot up Diablo IV. Then I ordered Kung Pao Chicken. It took me half an hour to order, I was so lost. The chicken was lousy and now I hate Chinese people. Fuck them.

But it was Valentine’s Day, and I was miserable. I needed love. But honestly, I just needed some pussy. So eventually I decided to splurge on a high-end whore.

The whore was tall and beautiful and not fat, a natural blonde. She didn’t smell but I made her take a shower anyway. She was upset about that but she had no choice. I can be quite pertinacious when dealing with whores.

“No shower no action, princess – now get in there and wash your cunt and armpits!” 

She did.

I came in her face twice. Half of my salary – gone!

After she left I played Diablo again and completed the campaign again. On Torment. I don’t fuck around.

Valentine’s Day was over.

I couldn’t sleep so I watched Tucker’s interview with Putin eating strawberry gelato. Putin is a great historian, I remarked. I like him, he’s badass.

I looked at the clock: 3 AM.


I went to bed empty inside.


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