We Are Not Alone: Alien Corpses Revealed In Mexico

Ladies and gentlemen, we are not alone.

Aliens exist.

We now have irrefutable evidence that they exist. You’ve seen the pictures of the mummified alien copses displayed at the Mexican senate hearing with your own eyes. It’s not a hoax – they are real. Aliens. Real, dead aliens. Over 1,000 years old they say. The Ancient Aliens guy was right all along.

And there are more of them – live ones – among us.

This race of aliens originally comes from a small planet located on the outskirts of QSO J0313–1806, the most distant quasar that contains the oldest supermassive black hole in the universe.

They call themselves Bathuhu Yfu, the destroyers of thought.

They are evil.

They travel through space as bacteria and undergo ghastly metamorphoses on every planet they stumble upon; then they destroy… when the time comes.

They hate us.

They hate mankind with a passion, especially Jews.

They will kill us all.

Unless we do something about it.

There is still hope.

Their only weakness is elderberry juice, which burns their skin and gives them SUPERAIDS. When sprinkled with elderberry juice they die within minutes, cursing at the stars.

Don’t ask me how I know all this. I know many things. You can’t even imagine the things I know.

And I’m telling you: there are thousands of them, everywhere on Earth, ready to strike when the time comes. I don’t know when that is, but it’s close. I can feel it.

And when the time will finally come… be ready.

Be prepared.

The government won’t save you.

Remember: elderberry juice.


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