You Won’t Believe What I’ve Seen In Davos

Yesterday I arrived in Davos and I successfully infiltrated the building where the World Economic Forum is currently hosting its annual meeting.

I passed through security with a fake ID and took a seat in the main conference room where Klaus Schwab was about to deliver a speech.

But I had to take a piss all of a sudden, so I dashed for the bathroom.

And there I stumbled upon the most incredible scene: 2 guys carelessly fucking next to a broken urinal.

I was dumbstruck.

One was lying on all fours with no pants and a much older gentleman was fucking him in the ass. Violent, balls-deep pounding. They were moaning like rabid dogs. Canadian government officials, I saw their tags.

I was so outraged, so mad, filled to the brim with hate – because they didn’t stop; they just waved me off in a weird way. Like, I was bothering them or something and I had to leave.

But I didn’t leave.

I yanked a copper pipe from the wall and I started beating them savagely with it.

— Goddamn vile faggots! I kept shouting with each blow.

Five minutes later I got the fuck out of there, leaving them in a pool of blood and cum.

My original plan was to rush the stage and spit Klaus Schwab in the face, but I couldn’t do it. Not after this shit.

So I left.

I left that stupid town and stupid country, vowing never to return.


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