Zelenskyy’s Flip-Flop

John Mearsheimer, the man who predicted the war between Russia and Ukraine, made a great point on Glenn Loury’s podcast.

He said:

…the fact is he [Zelenskyy] made a huge blunder taking his country into this war. He was elected on the platform that he was going to improve relations between Russia and Ukraine, that he was going to end the civil war that was taking place in the Donbas between ethnic Ukrainians and the Ukrainian government on one side, and ethnic Russians and Russian speakers who were pro-Russian on the other side. This is all inside Ukraine. He was going to end that civil war; was going to improve relations with Russia. That’s why he was elected. In early 2021, he flip-flopped. This is right after Biden comes into the White House. And he decides that he is going to make Russia an adversary, and he says that instead of working to come up with some sort of arrangement that makes the Russians happy with regard to the relationship, the security relationship between Ukraine and NATO, he’s going to push to bring Ukraine into NATO. So, after January 2021, which is when Biden comes into the White House, Zelenskyy and Biden are working hand in hand to play hardball with the Russians on NATO expansion into Ukraine, and the end result is he gets this war, and the end result of that is his country is going to be destroyed. The Russians are going to end up annexing a large chunk of Ukrainian territory. They’ve already turned it into dysfunctional rump state and they will have a deep-seeded interest for the foreseeable future in keeping it as a dysfunctional rump state. This is an unmitigated disaster. It’s just hard to believe what’s happening to Ukraine today. It makes me sick to my stomach to watch this, especially when you recognize that had we not tried to expand NATO into Ukraine, had we not tried to make Ukraine a western border on Russia’s border, in all likelihood there’d be no war today, and Ukraine would be intact. But it was Zelenskyy, along with leaders in the west, who pushed into the opposite direction, and the end result is, I believe, that Zelenskyy bears some responsibility – significant responsibility – some significant responsibility for wrecking Ukraine.


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