This Scumbag Works For The CIA

Oh my.

The CIA is the enemy of America.

CIA Officer Explains The “Nudge”

Disturbing. But not surprising.


Dr. David Sinclair Has Been Exposed

Dr. David Sinclair is highly regarded in the longevity community. In reality, though, he’s a hack. And some of his peers also say that he’s corrupt.

Mother God Mummy

When the police raided the Love Has Won cult headquarters, they found a bunch of weirdos and the mummified corpse of their leader, the Mother God.

But by then her soul had already reached the 5th dimension.

Boris Johnson Wanted A Million Dollars From Tucker Carlson

Boris Johnson nowadays languishes in obscurity, and most people remember him as a hideous ape rather than a former prime minister.

Requesting a million dollars for an interview suggests that he’s desperate and broke – or maybe he’s just retarded.