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Psychotic screeds;

Short stories;









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The maximum length of any piece is 10,000 words; the minimum is 200 words.

The date of publication is not shown by design. Keep that in mind when referencing things.  

Sometimes we will suggest changes for various reasons (mostly typos and clarity issues).

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We thoroughly check every submission for plagiarism using a plethora of tools. Don’t even bother.  

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The first paragraph of every piece must not exceed 80 words. The first paragraph (can also be a single sentence) will be used as an excerpt on the home page and various archives. Make it juicy.

Every piece must contain a ‘featured image’ that is not copyrighted. The aspect ratio is 16:9; the resolution is 1280 by 720. If you don’t provide or suggest an image, we will create one for you.

The ‘author name’ (the name that appears as a byline) cannot be modified nor deleted. You can always choose a new author name if you want, but the old one will remain on the website and it will be linked to its old archive.

The ‘author name’ can be a real name or a pseudonym.

You can also contribute as Anonymous (which includes both new and historical content) and Many-As-One (which includes only new and original content).

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