Moral Indignation

The ill-fame of the Turks in the English-speaking world is not due to their political medievalism, as is usually alleged, but to their practise of polygamy.


In The Harem

Many people have an idea that Turkish women absolutely do nothing that is either useful or ornamental aside from the decoration of their own persons, but that is not altogether true, as my residence of over a year in their country taught me, for they are really dextrous with the needle and do work which is as fine as that done by the sisters in the convents, or that of the wives of the feudal noblemen of olden times.


Elon Musk’s Meeting With Recep Erdoğan Didn’t Go Well

The Supreme Leader of the Magnificent Republic of Türkiye, the Honorable Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, may Allah bless him with good health and a long life, summoned Elon Musk yesterday at the Turkish House, his personal skyscraper in Manhattan, to discuss a collaboration opportunity.