A Rendition

Two old British sailors were talking over their shore experience. One had been to a cathedral and had heard some very fine music, and was descanting particularly upon an anthem which gave him much pleasure. His shipmate listened for awhile, and then said:

“I say, Bill, what’s a hanthem?”

“What,” replied Bill, “do you mean to say you don’t know what a hanthem is?”

“Not me.”

“Well, then, I’ll tell yer. If I was to tell yer, ‘Ere, Bill, give me that ‘andspike,’ that wouldn’t be a hanthem; but was I to say, ‘Bill, Bill, giv, giv, give me, give me that, Bill, give me, give me that hand, handspike, hand, handspike, spike, spike, spike, ah-men, ahmen. Bill, givemethat-handspike, spike, ahmen!’ why, that would be a hanthem.”


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