Rabbis Are Insane

Among other things, the current genocide in Gaza exposed just how insane rabbis are.

They are fucking nuts.


Sit, Traveler, You Must Be Tired

Sit, traveler, you must be tired. The road to Azura’s Shrine is long and perilous, and few men can survive the journey. The Mother Soul has blessed you!   


Mona Lisa Soup

Because nothing saves the planet quite like hurling soup at the Mona Lisa.   

And nothing makes me want to burn a forest quite like seeing a priceless masterpiece soiled by woke retards with a dream.


Fuck Boeing

It has come to my attention that Boeing is now rewarding its executives if they hit climate and DEI targets, so I’ll never fly in a Boeing again.


Can’t Wait For GTA 6

GTA 6 looks amazing.

I can’t wait to play it whenever it will come out on PC, evidently, because I’m not a dirty peasant who revels in mediocrity.   


The Old Man And The Road

The old man drove fast and bold, through towns and landscapes and dreams, in sickness and in health, never caring, never stopping, the intrepid explorer of the world, until one fateful day in Panama, when he could progress no more.


A New God Is Born

The spirit could not be vanquished in the furnace, for it is the spirit of brave men of the South.


How Men Become Gay

So you see Mr. Peterson, it’s this heterogeneous ribonucleoprotein that turns men gay. I call it the homo protein – but don’t quote me on that, please. I have enough problems as it is.


Halloween Blackface

If I were living in America I would dress up as a minstrel from the 19th century for Halloween, blackface and all.