Macron Is Not Tough

Bruh, I just saw Macron’s boxing pictures that were recently published by his official photographer on Instagram in kitschy black and white.

Stop trying to make him look tough for crying out loud – he’s not! It’s fucking embarrassing.

This guy’s a sissy.

He’s not an alpha male; he’s a gigantic midget married to a smelly hag.

He can’t fight either, it’s all for show. A scrawny teenager can beat him up with both hands tied around his back. He’d make him look like the elephant man in less than 30 seconds.

And French motherfuckers say that these pictures convey – get this – “ultimate virility”.

Ultimate virility?!

Is there crack in your shitty croissants?

Ultimate virility is shitless Putin on a horse in Siberia. Macron is more like ultimate faggotry.


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