They Wuz Not Kangs

It never ceases to amaze me how retarded Sub-Saharan Africans actually were.

Check this out:

Chairs are known from Ancient Egypt and have been widespread in the Western world from the Greeks and Romans onwards. They were in common use in China from the twelfth century, and were used by the Aztecs. In Sub-Saharan Africa, chairs were not in use before introduction by Europeans.

This is from the Wikipedia entry “History of the chair”, and the editors are now fighting over the last sentence, which is a fact I didn’t know, but now I do, and once again I’m amazed how retarded Sub-Saharan Africans actually were.

One editor removed it with this justification:

This seems unnecessary and frankly pretty racist.

Then it was restored.

After all, it’s a fact. A disturbing fact, sure, but a fact nonetheless.

These motherfuckers didn’t have chairs – isn’t that incredible?

They claim they wuz kangs!… but they didn’t have chairs. Which means they also didn’t have thrones. And there’s no such thing as a king without a throne.

So they’re lying.


I’m not a racist. I’m a logician.


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