Mona Lisa Soup

Because nothing saves the planet quite like hurling soup at the Mona Lisa.   

And nothing makes me want to burn a forest quite like seeing a priceless masterpiece soiled by woke retards with a dream.

Fucking deadbeats.

Where the fuck is security? Why is this shit tolerated?

There’s been a lot of these incidents in recent years – and they still do it.

In my country Romania – and basically anywhere else in Eastern Europe – these scumbags would be beaten by cops like horse thieves. They would be thrown behind bars faster than you can say “justice is blind”, and their ilk would instantly chill the fuck out. No more horseshit. They wouldn’t dare to set foot in a museum again.

Fortunately the Mona Lisa was not damaged, but mark my words, one day a significant work of art will be if these motherfuckers are not deterred.

Lock them up for a few years; change some laws if necessary.

It’s time to send a clear message.

“What is more important? Art or the right to have a healthy and sustainable food system?” they shouted in French.

Art, you dumb cunts.

It’s always art.

Art is sacrosanct.


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